DreamCious is coined from the words dream consciously. As the name suggests, this website is the result of our dreams and is focused on sharing things that will help you with your dreams.

Our dreams should enhance all areas of our lives – Health (physical and mental), wealth (surroundings and comforts), relations (internal and external) and spirituality (all there is and there will be). Articles you find here address each of these areas.

Our aim is to be of value to everyone in some way. If you find value in what you learn here, we encourage you to share what you know that can add value to others…only in this sharing we can enhance our lives.

Everything you find here is written from a student’s perspective which gives us room for improvement and modification. The student mindset relieves us from the need to be perfect. We want YOU to bear the same attitude. Please take a moment to read our ‘About us’ and ‘Disclaimer’.

It is our sincere hope that this website encourages you to dream consciously. Dreamcious is dedicated to all those souls who dare to dream consciously…

The Glass Door

Have you ever felt that you know what to do but just not able to do it? Have you ever felt that the answers are crystal clear but you are not able to wrap your arms around the action plan?

It feels as if we can see what we seek through a glass door but we are not able to open it. There is a key missing. The tension of knowing that on the other side of this glass door is what we have always wanted and not be able to get there, that is a pain that all dreamers can relate.

Did you know that we would never try if we do not know that an answer exists? Our mind would never go on a search if it does not believe that the answer exists. Some call this glass door imagination, Einstein called it ‘preview of life’s upcoming attractions’. Whatever it is called, is this Glass door God’s way of saying, ‘see for yourself, answer exists, you just gotta find the right key’. Is it his way of keeping us motivated and not let our hope faint?

Be in peace with yourself

Being sane in a neurotic world is insane. That should not, however, lead us in the path of insanity just to be accepted.  Many will not hesitate to turn into lunatics if that guarantees approval. Of course, as humans, we all have a basic desire to be needed and approved of, the problem comes when that becomes the sole driver of our inner peace.

Peace, yes, peace, that word maybe very uncomforting for few, they may even discard it as mystical or outlandish, but if you just look at the outburst in the number of people needing psychiatrist’s help from
decade to decade in the past half century, you will see that Peace has become rare not only in our vocabulary but in our lives, in general.

It is interesting to note that most verses of the Vedas in Hindu tradition, which date back over 5000 years, end with a phrase called “Om: Shanti: Shanti: Shanti:” No matter what we learn, set out to
accomplish and no matter what we do accomplish ‘let peace be with you’ is what that phrase emphasizes on.

What you sow, where you reap

James Allen said “What a man thinketh, so is he”. Bible teaches us “As you sow, so you reap.” Both are true statements and any man who has put them to test will corroborate. Why then do vast majority, who know these principles, fail to put them to use? Or in other words, why don’t they reap?

One major reason, above all, is that people expect to ‘reap’ from where they have sown. The biggest mistake is that our expectations are confined to a person, job, path or some other fixated source. After sowing the seeds of love, compassion, expectation – we do not open up for the reap on its own accord, instead, we wait to receive it from whatever source we expect it to come from. This fixation is the wrong fix that stops our good from reaching us.

There is a story about a man who is trapped in a flood. Being a great believer all his life, he trusted that Lord was going to save him. He reached the roof top and prayed the Lord for help. In few minutes a crew in a passing boat shouts for the man to jump onto the boat so that they can […] Continue Reading…

Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad

This is a feather we added to our Health section to post original recipes that we prepared ourselves and experimented with an aim of bringing recipes to you that are nutritious, healthy and tasty, and easy to prepare. A common myth is that vegetarian/vegan food means compromising taste. We want to prove them wrong, these recipes will prove that ‘Healthy does not mean bland.’ To begin with, our first recipe is quinoa salad. Quinoa salad is easy to prepare, nutritious and good protein source that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. We chose quinoa because it is easy to cook and high in protein. Except quinoa, rest all ingredients are in raw form, which keeps their nutrition complete. Ingredients: Quinoa: 1 cup Red tomato: 1 medium size White Onion: 1 small size Celery: 2 long sticks Green chili: 3 English walnuts: 1/4th cup Lemon: 1 medium size Cilantro: half bunch Olive oil: 2 spoons Salt: user preference Ground pepper: freshly crushed (user preference) Preparation: 1) Most of the packed quinoa products are pre washed and can be […] Continue Reading…

How to get FREE content for your website

How to get FREE content for your website

We know, first hand, the troubles in building a website, especially finding images that don’t burn pockets, content and setting usage terms without paying a lawyer. To address this issue and extend our help in developing your website (blog) or products, we have listed below free stuff absolutely free for you: Usage terms (staying legal): It takes lot of research to put together the usage terms for any website i.e., privacy policy, legal disclaimer etc., we did that research and covered all   Photo Credit: creativecommoners (License) possible angles from falling into legal trap. Feel free to use what we have gathered (a back link is appreciated). These terms may not be appropriate if you offer services/products on your website. Content: Getting right content is a core element to engage audience. Sometimes we write from what we learn through experiences or out of creativity. However, there will be times where we need to do research and learn before we put out the best for our audience. Free data resources: www.wikipedia.org – gives you general flavor on the subject you are looking for www.youtube.com – Sometimes a short video is […] Continue Reading…

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