How to find your strengths?

How to find your strengths?

It is a very common notion that people associate strength with a skill or a talent. Strength could be anything that you are really good at doing something. A person who is very funny may not know that he brings joy and liveliness in the conversations and people often do like his presence, this is what I call true strength. He may not have acquired this through education or work experience or been trained on this, and yet he gained this strength somehow. People often fail to recognize their strengths they possess. It happened to me when my friends pointed out that I posses really good search skills, I didn’t knew that not everyone could find good information doing research using a search engine. I was able to find information from the depths of World Wide Web with less effort. I was persistent until I find it and this has become very natural to me over a period that I can scan the search results and can tell how relevant the information is. I pushed my skill to next level by validating the data I find with various resources, this helps me to confirm the quality of data I find.

Once you discover your strength with in you, hold it and strengthen it further. Makestrength it as hard as you can, strong like a diamond. Once you reach there, notice the confidence levels in you changed over a period. You can see the command you have earned over what you have mastered.

I was curious to find out to what extent people are aware of their strengths. I reached out to my friends and colleagues with one single question:

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“What are your top 10 strengths?”

It turns out to be one of the toughest question they were asked. Most of them couldn’t give complete 10 strengths. I thought that this is something we should know about ourselves comfortably. We have earned these qualities in us over period of our lifetime. Everyone wanted little time to think about it. Few of them outright denied, as they don’t want to waste their time on it.

One of them was my close friend who didn’t want to answer, I pushed him to think about it and to my surprise he said “I don’t have any, but I can give 100 weakness points”. Well that’s even better now, we would know what are all the areas that we need to grow. But I didn’t get any positive response on there.

Of all, here are 2 best responses I got and they live by what they said.

  • 1) postive and upbeat
  • 2) hardworking
  • 3) empathetic
  • 4) love of life
  • 5) loyal
  • 6) open-minded
  • 7) goal-oriented
  • 8 ) kind
  • 9) funny
  • 10) intelligent
  • 1) honestly
  • 2) diligence
  • 3) integrity
  • 4) intelligence
  • 5) dedication
  • 6) understanding
  • 7) trustworthyness,
  • 8) dependability,
  • 9) passion for learning,
  • 10) loyalty

Finding strengths within your weakness:

One of my passion since childhood was to draw. Draw life like pictures. I hate to give reasons why I couldn’t pursue this passion. Education, job etc., all carried away my time but the thirst in me to draw never died. Recently I enrolled myself in a private institute to learn basics of drawing and I should admit after going through couple of classes, and looking at how my other classmates are doing I can see my drawings suck big time. Any person who is not into art might see them as a classic piece of art but a pro can point a million defects in it. Nevertheless, my teacher pointed out very motivating point. She said that my shadings, tiny details are really good. I started noticing my strong points and started building my strength upon it. The whole drawing may not look good but the little details within my drawing has some good strong points. I started expanding it and I’m still building upon that as I move on.

Likewise, we all have many weaknesses, but there might be something with in that big picture that we may find it really strong. Start observing the very tiny details and work on them. As you progress, conquer each tiny detail. The whole will shape into true strength in a matter of time. As you start building these blocks of strength, eventually you will see that you have constructed a mighty unbreakable castle.

First things First:

How would we find our strengths in us? This is the first question you might come across. The question of ‘How’ never arises here, as no one knows about you better than you. We need to do whatever it takes to explore ourselves and realize the truth that everything is within us, we are the source. Man has gone far ahead to learn stuff in this outside world but has forgotten the great deal what lies inside himself. If we can’t spend few moments for ourselves on self development then we are nothing but a dead fish in flowing water. Do whatever it takes to enrich your life. To find your strengths, here is what you can do to start with-

Without any further thinking, write down at least 20 qualities that you have in you. Now pick top 10 out of them. Rank them now from top 1 to 10. Before you rank them ask yourself why this quality/strength is Top1 or 2 and so on. Challenge each skill with other and see what ranks higher. When you are done with that, you should have complete list. Now see how you would like to apply these strengths in your daily life. How you would like to achieve your goals by applying these strengths? When you do that, things will change in your favor. Being aware of self and evolving within is an awesome feeling to live with.

Strength is life, Weakness is death ~Swami Vivekananda

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