How to get FREE content for your website

How to get FREE content for your website

cc We know, first hand, the troubles in building a website, especially finding images that don’t burn pockets, content and setting usage terms without paying a lawyer. To address this issue and extend our help in developing your website (blog) or products, we have listed below free stuff absolutely free for you:

Usage terms (staying legal): It takes lot of research to put together the usage terms for any website i.e., privacy policy, legal disclaimer etc., we did that research and covered all  

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possible angles from falling into legal trap. Feel free to use what we have gathered (a back link is appreciated). These terms may not be appropriate if you offer services/products on your website.

Content: Getting right content is a core element to engage audience. Sometimes we write from what we learn through experiences or out of creativity. However, there will be times where we need to do research and learn before we put out the best for our audience.

Free data resources: – gives you general flavor on the subject you are looking for – Sometimes a short video is worth than 10 page article – good source to see what people know and can post questions too – self explanatory – another good source to know stuff – same as above – data and stats from Worldbank – best place for scholars to find citations, papers and extracts

Media: Finding media content like images, sound clips and videos to put on blog/website can be a costly affair and to get it for free could be a challenging task. We hear stories of people falling into legal traps because of inappropriate usage of images. To say safe, ‘CreativeCommons’ has addressed this issue for most part but most of their pics cannot be modified/used for commercial purposes.

You can see our articles with free images and how we did a back link to author and a link to license terms.

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Blog editors: If you are tired of using default web based editor then blog editor software is right for you. A blog editor is stand-alone software that lets you –

- Save/edit/format your posts/pages locally

- Write/preview articles without need of internet

- Can format your content better than default web based editor

- Able to manage multiple blogs for multiple blog platforms from single application

- Add/enhance images in posts

- Add videos/maps

- Ability to add plugins for extra tasks and lot more…

All above features will vary from software to software. Below are the list that are most popular and absolutely free.

- Windows live writer (windows only)

- Scribefire (firefox add on)

- Qumana (windows/mac/linux)

- Wblogger (windows only)

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